That’s the sum of it really. I may have started out telling you lies, so let me just set the record straight for you. When I said I don’t enjoy cooking at home, I was partially correct. What I meant was that I don’t enjoy doing things without reward. A gentle smile of appreciation from my husband after he’s enjoyed one of my dishes doesn’t count as a reward to me. Money in my pocket does. So, I’ve take what little I know in the kitchen and applied it to cooking up dishes that I know I can and do get some fun out of anyhow.

Those of you who don’t or won’t cook, make a note that this chore is actually quite relaxing. It’s not so when you’re cooking under pressure trying to meet a deadline for hungry or greedy parties. Then again, I thrive under pressure, so no worries for me here. You should too, by the way. Doesn’t matter what your hobby, soon to be your paid for job, is, you need to learn how to manage the pressure. Being timid and panicking all of the time will get you nowhere. By the time you’ve relaxed, if that happens at all, your impatient customers will have gone somewhere else already.

Woman seasoning food

Learning how to manage and organise your work time well already takes half of the load off you. It helps if you’ve got one or two pairs of hands about to help you that don’t mind earning a little bit of pocket change. Because, after all, you’re only just starting out and you can’t afford to be dishing out too much. Here’s another tip for when you need to employ extra hands. I’m not going to be privy to the rules governing your neighbourhood, area or country, but I gather that they could be quite similar to those in my town.

The business is still too small to be registered for tax maybe. But keep good records anyhow. Keep things like what you’re spending to supply the goods. Keep a tab of how much electricity you’re using while preparing gourmet meals in your oven, that sort of thing. Maybe your start-up is still too small to be registered formally as a business. So you don’t get screwed by employees who love to claim worker’s rights and insist on being paid minimum wages, employ interested members of your family instead. If they’re not interested, employ friends instead.

That’s how I do it anyhow. I’m lucky that way, I suppose. I’m a social creature, always busy on my tablet if I’m not out and about in the street. I meet and greet people quite easily, but that doesn’t mean that I take just anyone on. I’m still gonna suss you out and check if you’re really cool to hang out with, and maybe later, work with. This is not being judgmental. It’s being clever and careful. In my neighbourhood you can never be too sure. Maybe it’s the same for you. Any case, I think this measure of caution applies to all or most women, no matter what their socio-economic status.


My hobbies are my work. I love to entertain. I also love being entertained. My husband and I, and another friend, well, we love karaoke. My friend sets up the gear and I organise the party. My husband acts as master of ceremonies, but I generally take over seeing as his booming voice is not always helpful in bringing people forward to buy the savoury snacks we’ve prepared for the party goers. We do special events too, like birthdays and end of month barbeques. It’s a communal thing too, and we can gather others folks about who might want to make a bit of extra money selling things that they’ve made at home.