You know, I was thinking about money the entire morning. In fact, I’ve been thinking about it for several days now. Before I let my thoughts run away with me again, guilty thoughts dissipated and I told myself I was not being greedy when thinking about a hundred bucks. Now, this one hundred bucks is nothing to you and me. But for millions of poor folks around the world, this is a gold mine. Let’s think about this in dollar terms for a second. We get paid in dollars right. And there’s a zero percent interest rate which makes investing for us quite tricky if we don’t know how or are not using the services of an accredited financial planner who actually knows what she’s doing, Buffet-style like.

The great Warren Buffet, by the way, one of the world’s richest men, the most famous and best bespoke stock investor I can think of, there’s George Soros, but I like Buffet better, Soros is a canny gambler, and Buffet’s got ethics, he knows how to work with money and he understands the true value of money and how it should be used, well, the great Warren Buffet, when he started out, he was dirt poor. He had just a few dimes to his name and he went and bought stock options. The stock markets crashed, but this big man just dusted himself off and started climbing the molehill all over again.

Warren Buffett

Think in terms of the British Pound. Even while it’s still falling sporadically at the moment, it’s still the most (under)valued currency on the planet. This may have something to do with Bretton Woods and past colonial days which, even today, still keeps the rest of us way behind the so-called Western nations. Who cares whether you think you’re sitting at an unfair advantage. If you think you’re part of the so-called third world or developing nations, there’s a gold mine waiting for you if you stick your neck out and stick to what you want to do with your business plan.

So, you want to make pots of money. That’s good. It’s not greed. It’s business. The fictitious investor, Gordon Gekko once said that ‘greed is good’. It’s a lesson in life for those who believe in this evil philosophy, make sacks of it, the money, I mean, and then wake up one morning to find that they’ve lost it all. Greed is not good. It never was. How you make the money, honestly and legitimately mostly, is what counts. What you do with the money that you make is probably more important. Look at the Warren Buffet Foundation and look at the companies he’s still buying up.

Buffet employs people. By accident or by hook or by crook, I still regard him as one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Where others panic and see failure, doom and gloom ahead of them, bumbling stock speculators, fumbling over their myriad confusing stock sheets that not even an economics degree could fathom, hit and miss their numbers all of the time. That’s also part of one of the world’s great ironies. History has a nasty habit of repeating itself, particularly when men, yeah, mostly men, I’m going to say, don’t learn from the mistakes made in the past.


They’re far too afraid to act prudently, rationally, patiently, and blinded by their own greed. They go for short term profit margins, think they’ve made a killing by the time the company’s unsound business philosophies have failed its employees and just in time, these guys sell and think they’ve made a killing. Well, in part, they have, but its other people who get hurt. They get a good knock in the teeth later on, sooner or later, it happens to them. Or if it doesn’t, they’ll never be making the kind of money that Buffet’s still making today.

Buffet is a kind and patient man. He’s taken the long view all of his life and it’s still paying dividends. People who have followed the great Oracle of Omaha’s advice have profited too. Long-term planning and investing is always how it’s been done. It’s been done for centuries, even long before capitalism as we know it today took root. Before capitalism, there was always farmers and traders, all of them entrepreneurs each in their own way. The ones that did well were those who looked long and deep into the future and thought seriously about how they would like it to look one day.

If that wasn’t the case, they were thinking along the lines of their villages’ upkeep and wellbeing. Those that planted crops early and devoured and sold it all off by the time it was harvested were left with nothing and starved by the time the next great big drought came. The world and its histories always have its cycles. There will always be lean years. But there will always be good years too. And those that enjoy the good years the most are the ones who planned for it. While others were feasting, they worked long and hard into the night.


I might be exaggerating a bit here. Being wise and patient men and women, I’m pretty sure they knew when to rest up and replenish themselves well before returning to work. As entrepreneurs we need to learn this too. It’s all hard work being your own boss, I know, you don’t have to remind me. But what use is it when you’re so doggone tired, weak and unhealthy and your mind and body can’t function well to run a business good and proper. While running the business well, you need to manage your time well too, and you need to look after yourself too.

You know what they say; all work and no play make Fay a dull girl. That’s right girls, I’m off. Time for a break. We’re going for walk, we’re going to grab a bite to eat and then we’re going to sing a few songs.