I feel like swearing now. I hate it when that happens. I’ll tell you in a second what happened. But let me just tell you guys that it doesn’t pay to be cheap. There are, well, there can be serious consequences for such actions. And guys, life’s not cheap; surely you know that by now. Life’s precious and all of that. On being cheap; if you don’t look after your finances and you don’t plan events well, you end up being cheap to cut corners and make up for lost time when you should have done otherwise. I make no excuses but in these last two hectic months, things weren’t going my way and I started backsliding where money was concerned.

I wasn’t scheduling my work properly and so I wasn’t bringing in the moola in like I usually do. I was under severe pressure; I couldn’t go on with work for the next week without paying my girls on time. Otherwise then what, I would probably not be seeing them the next week. So, whatever we were making up, the first set of monies flowing in had to go towards their weekly wages. Out our way, the girls are pretty poor as it is, with plenty of mouths to feed, some small and some, if I can just say it for now, quite lazy.


As a consequence of being cheap in another year, one of the things that weren’t properly scheduled was looking after all my files on my hardworking laptop and taking it in for a service, a good housecleaning and virus swipe and such. So, one afternoon after trying for hours to look for media files to use towards our next karaoke gig, my pc started slowing down real hard. The internet was dead, Word Pro pages started freezing and, yeah, everything was just a disaster. I couldn’t use my tablet to do the tasks that needed doing on the laptop.

I mean, there’s only so much you can do on a tablet anyhow. Anyway, I asked one of my boys for help in the meantime. He couldn’t clean the files and do the necessary maintenance, so in for a service check the PC must go. It hasn’t gone in yet, money being tight for now and all. In the meantime, I’m doing makeshift work on my feller’s laptop in the meantime. He’s machine is creaking too, it barely fares better, well, actually, it’s a lot better than mine at the moment. But one of the things this boy’s PC does every other day is just flip a switch.

I haven’t the foggiest what’s going on there. The thing just switches off by itself. And so, it’s back to makeshift work for me now. And today, here’s what happened. I forgot to save the page I was working on and so by the time the PC decided to go walkies for a bit, I lost everything I was typing out for you guys today. I began talking about money, seeing as it was on my mind and all. Life’s full of ironies, and coincidences too, because look what just happened. And it was all because of bad planning and subsequently, a lack of funds to function the business efficiently and all.


Right, I’ve composed myself. My husband just popped his nosy head around the corner for a bit to eat. He works near the house, so takes a quick walk back home for his lunch. So, as I was saying to myself all morning, we can’t afford to let things slip where money is concerned. If you’re running your own business, you’ve got to keep a tight rein on things, otherwise, you’re dealing with a sinking ship. I was thinking about having a chat on how to look after finances, do budgeting and such things. I was thinking about talking to you on what to do with money and how to plan for a great future.

That’s going to have to wait for another day. The original plan was to do a blog post on how to plan your work schedules well and also on how to stay focused on one task at a time. This being a blog and all, look how well this post has turned out after all. It dealt with the very original theme that I had in mind all along but in an entertaining sort of way, if you know what I mean. I hope you had a good laugh on my account. I’ll invoice you later. I won’t forget this time. Talking about ironies, they’ve always said that women have this great natural ability to do many things all at once.

They called it multi-tasking. I had to ask myself whether this wasn’t some kind of sexist joke where men take advantage of our so-called abilities to wave our magic wands and get everything done in a flash. I had to ask whether male bosses perceived themselves to be so useless at organising themselves that they just delegate the work to the girls. That’s why I suppose there’s so many PA’s about. They’ve even got schools for that kind of job. The bigshot personal assistants of the corporate world have a lot on their plate and by comparison to what women get paid in other professions and jobs, PA’s get paid good money.

I like the way this post has turned out. And the machine didn’t blink once as I concluded this post. Hope you enjoyed it. Take my advice. Learn from my mistakes. Don’t try to do too much all at once. Organise yourself well and focus on doing one thing at a time.