Hi. My name is Fay and I am a workaholic. I am making no confessions for this. I am just stating things for the record. I am a pretty good project manager these days and, who knows, once I’ve completed all my studies, I’ll be sitting in some company’s boardroom one day. Yes, that’s right girls, I have ambition. That’s what gets me going in the day. Previously, I would be the last to get up in the morning. My growing sons, already working, one a grease monkey, the other an IT nerd, could get going without their mother having to hold their hands, kiss them good-bye at the front door and hand them their lunch packet.


I hate cooking. I’m pretty good in the kitchen, but, yeah, I can’t explain myself here. I don’t really know why I hate cooking. Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing it for so long, I don’t know. That’s a lesson in life for me and you too, I guess. When you start to get bored in your job, maybe it’s time to think seriously of moving on and pursuing something that bites for you. Cooking is okay, I guess, but the demotivating factor for me here is that as a housewife, you’re not always sure if your duties in the kitchen are fully appreciated.

And nobody’s paying you to serve up their piping hot stir fries, stews and favourite pasta sauces. I still help out in the kitchen, just not my own. My husband cooks when he’s sufficiently inspired. He cooks when it pleases him to do this and, of course, he’ll cook when he’s pretty hungry and there’s nothing ready on the stove for him. Or if he’s tired or lazy, he’ll just head out for a takeout. To show his pride and appreciation for me, his lovely wife of twenty five or more years, he’ll sometimes join me at the restaurant where I’m helping out.

Here it’s fun and games. The meals are good, not expensive by today’s prices, and the people generally show their appreciation by licking their plates clean and giving me a big silly smile when I come around to clear their tables. We do barbecues too. This put me onto another entrepreneurial path. I sell BBQ wood. Out here, BBQs are big and so the demand for fresh wood is always high no matter what time of the year it is. The thing of wood got me onto another entrepreneurial trick. You hear that? Barking, lots of it.

This neighbourhood has got dogs aplenty. I see too many of them walking about and squeezing themselves into corners to give themselves a break. What’s up with their owners, I wondered. So, I got my tablet on and started promoting dog kennels. My husband’s factory supplies the wood and paint, and I’ve got a handy guy here who loves working with wood, building customised dog kennels for all the mutts in the neighbourhood. Yes, call me ambitious, but I reckon that by the time this year’s out we will have started to see some kind of a windfall.


Business will be good and busy for me at the end of the year, I reckon. I only started this venture a couple of months ago, but it’s gradually catching on. I might not like cooking for now but I still love entertaining. I thought why spend money having fun entertaining others so that they can get a good laugh or smile out every now and then. Why not do something extra for the neighbourhood’s lame ducks and get them to pay for it too. I hate housekeeping as well, but that hasn’t stopped me from hatching a new plan to start up a house cleaning service too.

I’ve got hands for this job too, just not my own.