"HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" Vector Card with Colourful Bokeh Lights Background


That’s the happy whistler that just walked into the kitchen a few minutes ago. I could hear him from my room as I started typing up this new post. Before he walked in for his afternoon lunch from the yard where he works, I didn’t have an idea what to write about. But now I do. Using the example of catering, I’ve decided to share some thoughts on taking advantage of personal circumstances to boost your small, work from home business.

The thing is this, especially in the beginning, when you’ve got useless, idle men’s hands standing around the whole time, poking their fingers in your baking and roasting trays while you’re trying to get things done for your next catering business assignment, things can get a bit crowded or hot in the kitchen. That’s just my situation back then, but what about yours. Maybe you’ve got a family much easier to manage, but your kitchen’s too small for domestic and catering affairs to be carried out at the same time.

If you’ve got really small kids at home, not ready for school, you might want to invest some of your wage expenses in a good, accredited and mature babysitter who can keep the kids busy and entertained while you get busy in the kitchen or on the road. I hire my step-sister for this important chore. It might be even better to take on a domestic housekeeper who can manage her time and people well, looking after kids and seeing to the household chores.

Grown-up kids shouldn’t be a problem. If you’ve done your mothering well, they’re off to their rooms for the rest of the afternoon to do their homework anyhow. Just before then, see if you can get this right, schedule your late lunch break for when they arrive. The kitchen can be cleared and all can enjoy a quick bite to eat together, just like any family should. I must admit that this is not something I’ve managed to get right in my house.

Where eccentricity is concerned, I’m the leader of the pack and I seem to be set in my ways where relaxation or taking breaks are concerned. Fortunately, I’ve managed to improve on my own timekeeping skills. By the time the happy whistler strolls in for his lunch, I’m in my room blogging or attending to other admin tasks. Depending on the client, I could be out on the road making some deliveries or doing a bit of entertaining.

Mind you, most entertaining here is done together by both husband and wife. This is one of the most pleasurable aspects of my business. I love to be around people and I love seeing that they’re all having a good time. But, this has come with experience, one thing I never do is get carried away with the moment or occasion. Here, I’m a true pro. On his best days, my husband is too.

My next post talks about the importance of teamwork. New to entrepreneurship, you might find it a good read. Me and my husband, with all our faults and eccentricities, we make a great team. Today is our wedding anniversary, so many years together, honey. Happy anniversary, lover!