This is a short post for those of you who are already into the work from home business. You happen to also love working with food and so you too are running a mini catering business from your home. You’re quite proud of the fact that your home cooked meals are being enjoyed by those who’ve come round to pick up their orders, or those to whom you have been catering to occasionally for their special functions. But the business hasn’t quite picked up, so this short, inspirational post is really just an inspirational trip to spur you on somehow.

close-up catering table set

Try and recollect what I shared with you earlier on doing proper market research. It’s great that you have your own brilliant ideas and the talent to put it all together in a great package. But sometimes it’s pretty darn hard work selling these ideas to the public out there. People aren’t always convinced that this is what they want to eat tonight. They might not want their tongues burned with spicy Eastern dishes after being used to fried chicken for so long. More market research, guys. This is what you need to do to make a good sell and then pick up the profit for it afterwards.

So, say then the locals are mad about their fried chicken. That’s what they’ve been used to all along. It could be a cultural thing for them and like most lower to middle income Americans who aren’t pretentious, they’re quite happy to stick with what they know. It’s a pity though, but what can you do. You have to cater to your markets. More market research, guys. So you like Middle to East Asian cooking. Good. See if you can get the lay of the land where demographics is concerned. You are sure going to find a minority in your neighbourhood or city that will go for these traditions.

But the challenge here, of course, is being able to deliver the goods. You may not have been an expert on Indian curries before. So the rare occasion comes up to cater for a Hindu festival. I say this is rare because these guys generally have their own people on board here or know who to reach to do their catering and prepping just so. So what’s to be done? Take up the challenge or just move on. I say do both. In the first place, the more hard work and dedication you put into your new projects, the better the potential there is for you to see results.


You may just surprise your guests with a new taste sensation slightly off what they are used to traditionally. Just moving on is not a matter of giving up. It’s pragmatic strategizing. Don’t wait around or sit down when one project falls through. Hunt vigorously for the next one. And everyone, all entrepreneurs and work from home caterers have their own cultural traditions, right. Try a different marketing strategy, say something used often in high end advertising. Try enticing your markets to be adventurous and open up to cultural diversity themselves.

But, business being business, nobody can be forced to do or accept things they don’t want. Be loyal and true to your clients but don’t let them bully you.