Boy, am I funny. That’s what I thought anyhow when I had this thought just before I decided to have another go at trying to tell you guys how to live your lives as fellow eccentric work at home moms. If you’re still stuck in an office or still stuck in traffic, and you’re not enjoying it, maybe it’s time to get into the kitchen, and maybe it’s time to spend more in it. Why am I funny? Oh, yeah, I was just thinking to myself how I was going to try and do things by the book, if you will.


But when I think about it, this might be a bit of a challenge for me because I’m not exactly familiar with playing by the rules and have outgrown it by now after, listen to this girls, leaving the law profession, what is it, must be six years or so now when I was just getting into the prime of my life. I was supposed to be having more fun times with my husband in the bedroom, the door closed of course, wouldn’t have wanted our boys and neighbours to hear and all. But he was so darn tired. Anyway, while I got tired of being a paralegal clerk, he was given the pink slip by a large retail organisation that decided to deviously cut costs.

I thought this was prime good luck, if you ask me. Here we were, two not so old fools, sitting at home feeling sorry for ourselves, wondering what to do next. Big mistake. Girls, if you’re ever in this predicament, don’t ever let this thing get to you. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it might. So, a good thing for you is to get yourself ready, especially if you’re a single mother with lots of bills to take care of. And that’s another thing. Ditch those bills. Why have you got so many of them? I bet you these are unnecessary things like the cable TV and the swimming pool in the backyard.

So maybe you’re struggling. Make sacrifices for a while. The best entrepreneurs in the world have all done this. Compared to where we were before, we’ve made sacrifices too. We can’t move just yet, so we’ve still got our pool out back. But come summertime next season, I’ll be hosting pool parties. Our patio is being readied for this as we speak. We’ve got large premises, no less than three extra rooms out back. We’ve turned that into a money spinner. We’re renting the rooms out. Another lesson if you have spare space in your house and want to do something similar is to screen your boarders very well.


Don’t be desperate and take in the first strangers that land on your front porch. I won’t go into the reasons, but we’ve ditched two boarders. Luckily we’ve got new boarders coming in after them at the end of the month. One crowd is a young family with two small kids. We’ve known them for years and they’re a quiet bunch. The other is a young girl just starting out in life. One of my boys brought her to us, so that’s okay too, I guess. Be on your toes when screening for tenants and for young employees for your new start up.

Back to the book. I was itching to show off just how much reading and research helps. That’s another lesson. If you’re not sure what something means, if you’re not sure about something, look it up, or ask someone you think might know. Here I was being called an eccentric work at home mom. The work at home part I got. Initially I thought that this also meant that I was mad. It’s not something to boast about, but I tell the guys this sometimes, just to get them off of my back. I’m not mad, least not in the way that would send me off to a looney bin.

I am eccentric. Here’s why. I don’t do things in a normal fashion. I believe the world’s greatest entrepreneurs are that way inclined too. I can look odd at times, but that can be explained. I like to feel comfortable in what I’m wearing, so if it doesn’t happen to be the going fashion, well that’s just too bad. And I don’t really like looking the same as all the other girls. I like my own, unique image. It’s my own brand, if you will. I market myself that way. Yup, that’s Fay, here she’s coming. That’s what I mean. People know when I’m about.

I might be sociable and all, but that doesn’t mean I’m always with the in crowd. If I’m in a crowd, it’s usually my own. And if it’s not my own crowd, it can be quite an odd crowd but with like minds on the big issues of the day. That’s what being eccentric’s all about, I guess. I have the most unusual office in town. My couch. I keep my husband happy that way in the evening. While he mumbles and mutters incoherently, playing with his remote, I just say; yes, dear, and carry on scrolling through my web pages on my tablet, looking for the next little big deal in our neighbourhood.


Fair to say, I’ve been an entrepreneurial gal for a few years now. I’ve burned my fingers a few times, and I’ve made some mistakes, that’s the nature of the entrepreneurial game. But that was then for me, and this is now for you. Things have changed quite dramatically. You don’t need to get hurt. You can earn some moolla while trying, and you should try to have as much fun with your new deals as you can, but please, babies, it’s for your own good and health, try not to do too much all at once. You’ve got the rest of your life to be rich and successful.