At the time of writing this page as an introduction to my blog, I was still trying to come up with a cool name for the blog. I was still scratching the dandruff out of my auburn hair by the time I got writing and all I could think of was this. I’m gonna call this blog THE MAD WORK AT HOME MOM. I’m gonna stay anonymous for now; just to keep me from burning my tongue criticising too harshly other gals I’ve worked with in the past. Ok, I’ll be honest with you; this is more to protect myself in case I start jabbering harshly about the bosses I worked under.

It’s not a nice term to use, but there you have it. It perfectly describes my mood and how I feel about these men who stubbornly refuse to change their ways and adapt to the business paradigms that are, thankfully, allowing more and more women like you and me to enter the business world on equal and independent terms. I’m still angry that men get paid more than us. Many of us work harder than them, or come up with better ideas than them, right. So why shouldn’t we get paid the same, if not more? This is the tone I’m setting myself up for in this blog.

Let me go back to the beginning and describe briefly for you what this blog’s going to be all about. Maybe if there’s time, I’ll tell you a bit about my casual but motivational style of posting. Because, for goodness’s sake, it seems to me that there’s still too many girls out there that need a good kick in the you know where.

Ok, I’ve cooled down a bit. And I’m going to alter the tone of my blog, going forward. This should keep thoughts and ideas flowing. I’d like to believe that there may even be something original to help spark your imagination, but I can’t guarantee this. Let’s wait and see what happens. Let’s see how things unfold. Hey, I’m a spontaneous girl, I can’t help it. I write as things come to mind and then I let it all hang out. I took a smoke break a while back. It helped to cool my temper and also to reflect on some ideas I had in mind to get this blog going.

I will be subjective in a lot of my thoughts, but, necessarily, mainly to help you guys, I will be objective in places. I may not always be writing out of my own cognisance and may be referring from to time on what others have to say about life in general for the working mom and on entrepreneurship, for instance. As professional, stay at home mothers, this is one area you should be focusing on right now. The way things are going right now, it is the way of the future. The sooner you get cracking, the better for you down the line.

Perhaps you’ve already started something up but are still struggling to move your small business forward. Maybe I can help, don’t know yet, let’s wait and see. But what I can tell you is that I know what it’s like to struggle. I know what it’s like to try living from one month to the next, not knowing when the next pay check’s going to come. I know what it feels like having to learn how to balance the books all by yourself and basically be your own boss. It takes some doing. So don’t be discouraged if you’re feeling down and out about it right now.

The important thing is to never give up and always keep on lifting yourself up to do more. Learn from your mistakes, don’t despair over them, because sure as hell, like me, you’re gonna be making quite a few.

Right, let me close this ABOUT page with an early taste of what might unfold later on. First of all, it’s necessary for me to point out that I’m quite an eccentric woman. That means I’m not normal. Why be normal, isn’t that what they say. The original title of my blog was a bit long, I thought, and went like this;


So, maybe you get a drift of what might be coming your way. I’m explaining myself in my very first post. Then I’m going to tell you all how it feels to be as mad as a hatter. And then it’s time for some inspirational thoughts. Here, I’ll be telling you about transforming favourite or cool hobbies into money spinning projects.

Ok dolls, that’s the wrap for now. Hope you have fun reading my posts.